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All graphical assets in this template are licensed for personal and commercial use. If you'd like to use a specific asset, please check the license below.


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The images presented herein were generated using a Midjourney's paid account by Michael Tovmach. As such, I, Michael Tovmach, hold the copyright for these images. As the recipient of this template, you are authorized to use these images in your project without any limitations or restrictions.

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** From Midjourney terms of service
Subject to the above license, You own all Assets You create with the Services, to the extent possible under current law. This excludes upscaling the images of others, which images remain owned by the original Asset creators. Midjourney makes no representations or warranties with respect to the current law that might apply to You. Please consult Your own lawyer if You want more information about the state of current law in Your jurisdiction. Your ownership of the Assets you created persists even if in subsequent months You downgrade or cancel Your membership.
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